Royal & Karen Baker                          32 years on the 12th


            Stephen & Carrie Woodworth         12 years on the 16th


            Mike & Mary Valitsky                         46 years on the 17th 


             Jim & Sherrin Puffenbarger            54 years on the 20th 


             Dave & Carolyn Wilms                        54 years on the 27th 


              Jeff & Lori Anderson                          41 years on the 31st


                   Congratulations and many more blessed years

                                         are wished for you! 




























































Jan Bellas          2nd                    Alisa Schroeder   18th
Ryan Sears        2nd                     Kathy Downing    19th
Tammie Mann    3rd                     Tara Parrish         19th
Haley Turner      3rd                     Mary Kobelak      21st
Mike Anderson   7th                     Matt Berg            24th
Scott Neuman    9th                     Al Warner            26th
Clyde Hale         10th                    Ryan Downie      28th
Johnathan Hale 10th             Jennifer Richardson 29th
Mary Valitsky     12th                    Kym Tome         29th
Joel Marhefka    13th                     Issac Hraga      31st
Dennis Heichel   14th



                          A MESSAGE FROM PASTOR SCHROEDER

                                       Paul’s Letters and Today

We have been reading Paul’s letters to the church in the city of Thessalonica in Bible Class.

This has been good for me personally since I don’t read these letters enough. 1 and 2nd Thessalonians feel odd to me. Paul is very positive towards the Thessalonians. He is not so critical with them like he is with the Christians in Galatia and Corinth!

What is Paul so enthusiastic about when it comes to this church?
Three things: Faith, love, and endurance.

There is room for improvement, but Paul says he is very thankful to God about these things happening among the Thessalonians. These appear to be the positive signs of a healthy church for St. Paul.

This however, is not what I am used to hearing about in connection with a healthy church. The following are the indicators of a healthy church I have heard all my life and especially since I have been a pastor.

                ✟How many people do you have for worship on a Sunday?

                               ✟Do you have a youth group?

                                       ✟How’s your facilities?

                             ✟What kind of music ministry do you have?

                                        ✟Is your pastor a people person?

Now, I realize we are not the Thessalonians. Our times are different; but if faith, love, and endurance are not the markers of a healthy church, then we are missing out on what true church life (life together) is supposed to be.

Faith—what do we believe? And does what we believe matter?

Love—Are we concerned about the welfare of our fellow Congregation members? Does this concern work itself out in some form of action?

Endurance—When we realize there is a cost to our faith, do we accept that cost and move forward? or do we surrender a part of our faith that inconveniences us?

These questions are much more consistent with what we know God wants for sure for his people.


 Pastor Schroeder