Coming in December – our annual Family Night! Please bring friends and family to our Sunday, December 16th Family Nite that starts at 5pm with a family styled, pot-luck dinner. Bring a large dish of your favorite food to share. The main dish of fried chicken and many various beverages will be provided. At 6pm we’ll have a Christmas play performed by adults and children of our church. The fun doesn’t end there! We then have a “Happy Birthday” cake for Jesus and if the children are lucky – Santa and his wife may make an appearance. As you can see, St. John’s is all about family & we’d love for you to join us!

Mick & Brenda Febel          47 years       Married on the 2nd of December      

Colin & Beth Carney           52 years     Married on the 3rd of December

Dennis & Cheryl Heichel    34 years     Married on the 21st

December Birthdays

Ruth Lazor            2nd                      Noah Peterson               21st

Alexis Hraga        7th                       Kristen Berg                   22nd

Cheryl Heichel      12th                    Chris Wittenmyer          23rd

Nicole Stewart       12th                    Justin Berg                   25th 

Brenda Febel        13th                     Larry Williams              27th

Ryan Nash            18th                     Paul Lehmann             28th 

Donna Colby         19th                     Bob Aumick                 29th

Karen Baker         20th                      Mick Febel                  31st                 

                                                          Ethan Hastings              31st