K.C. & Eric Heath                          18 years on the 15th   







Congratulations and many more blessed years are wished for you! 



                            MARCH     BIRTHDAYS




 Lori Anderson           2nd          Kelly Turner         2nd


Hannah Berg             3rd            Shirley Hill           3rd  


Sharon Ribblett         3rd            Betty Harting     5th  


 Brendy Kazmierski   6th          Luisa Sistek         15th 


Don Stewart                15th         Mike Valitsky      15th  


Owen Schroeder         16th         Rebecca Higgins  18th 


Makenna Cinco           19th          Joseph Simonetti  21st 


Tammy Hawes              22nd        Ryan Szabo            23rd 


Cheryl Williams            24th         Gavin Berg             25th 


Christine Wickert        28th         Jodee Downie        29th 


Teri Wilms                      31st   
























              What has God done for me lately?


We live in a “What Have You Done for Me Lately World”. Unfortunately, this attitude can leak into our thought about God. What has God done for me lately creeps into people’s minds. “Yes, Jesus died for me, but that was over 1900 years ago, what has God done for me lately?” Personal and private confession works against such thought. Confession says you are a sinner right now! You need forgiveness of sins right now! God gets it to you in His Word right now! God gets it to you through the absolution spoken by Pastor right now! God gets it to you through His body and blood right now! The Lord’s Supper is Christ’s sacrifice of 190 years ago coming to you right now! To fight the “What has God done for me lately” thoughts, we also need to see our blessings. Americans often think that they deserve what they have or are entitled to what they have. But before God nobody deserves anything nor do they have the right to anything. God owes sinners nothing! But because He is a gracious God for Jesus’ sake, He gives them everything. And He gives them everything right now! Every breath you take, every beat of your heart, every friendship you enjoy, every night’s rest is a gift from God right now! All your possessions, you have by God’s grace right now! May the Holy Spirit give you eyes to see your blessings right now and to see who is giving them to you right now! God really has done a lot for you lately.


 Pastor Schroeder