What Was Good . . . Still Is

A Very Happy Anniversary is wished to:

Paul & Janet Lehmann      63 years on the 10th

Rick & Pam Brewer           48 years on the 12th

Jr. & Brenda Santana        11 years on the 15th

Scott & Gina Wilms           22 years on the 21st

Larry & Cheryl Williams    30 years on the 22nd

Karl & Laura West               2 years on the 24th


Renee Snyder             1st       Alex Schroeder     25th

Scott DeShetler           6th       David Hughes       26th

Joanne DeShetler      10th       Ashley DeShetler  27th

Michele Kuehne          17th      Avery Nank            27th

Samuel DeAngelo       18th      Alaina Metzler       28th

Cheryl Harting             22nd      Doug Braun          30th

Eleanor Crosbie          25th        Evelyn Hessley    30th

Alex Schroeder           25th

Geneva Food Pantry Report   

This month at the Food Pantry, we’re celebrating our 1st complete year of having a “Nite Pantry”. When we first thought of this concept of a once a month nite pantry for those eligible but couldn’t make it into the Pantry during the day, we weren’t sure this would work or if it would last for more than a month or two. First, we needed more volunteers, especially someone to work the computer! Then we needed packers and stock helpers. So we set up a trial period. But God smiled on us and blessed us with volunteers and with people who truly are appreciative of this opportunity! We answered the need, God blessed us with workers, and now average about 8 families during that hour and a half! Thank you Lord for allowing us to be open to Your Will. Our next nite pantry is Monday, September 24th from 5 to 6:30pm.

The Pantry served 156 families and a total of 422 people during July. We’ve received many miscellaneous things from our trucker friends and are so thankful! They donated over 5,000 pounds of pickles, chicken, cereal, hamburg, chips, coffee creamer, water, and other items we don’t usually receive from the Cleveland Food Bank. The community has also been donating miscellaneous items including produce from their gardens! We still never have enough cans of toilet paper, pork and beans, and boxed dinners, if you would like to help out. You can place your donation in the yellow basket in the social hall or drop it off in the blue bin at the Pantry, or stop in while we are there & we’ll give you a tour of the facility and show you how we work!

Our Mobile Pantry is doing very well! We are averaging about 100 families each time we operate. Ashta Chemicals were kind enough to help us in July & supplied about 25 people to bag & hand out produce. They also donated $100 to help the Food Pantry. In August, it was mostly St. John’s volunteers who helped out. We have others, not members, who also come each month! Without your help, this program wouldn’t be such a success! The Mobile Pantry has only 2 more Saturdays this year; September 8th & October 13th. We really thank our volunteers!

Remember to keep those B.A.M.! Donations coming. We are able to keep our expenses around $1,000 a month for phone, gas, electric, internet (as required by Cleveland), & rent. Donations to our Brick And Mortar (B.A.M.!) fund are really appreciated so we don’t have to use other donations to pay for these items. If you are in need of a new coupon book to remind you of your commitment to donate $10 per month for a year, please pick one up on the counter in the triangle entrance.

Valerie Leitch, Director

Holy Communion Service Offered on Wednesdays!

Can you believe it’s been a year since we started these 6pm services? What a blessing it is to receive the Lord’s Supper during the week! Pastor & the Elders have created a service of Confession and Communion for St. John’s members who would like to receive this Holy Meal on the Wednesdays when it has not been offered the previous Sunday. The service is for those who know they will be out of town, who were out of town when Communion was offered, or who would like to receive Communion on a weekly basis. Our next Wednesday services will be on September 12th, September 26th, and October 3rd.

The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways

There once was a Christian lady living next door to an atheist. Every morning the lady comes out onto her front porch and shouts “Praise the Lord!”. The atheist yells back, “There is no God”. She does this every morning with the same result. As time goes on the lady runs into financial difficulties and has trouble buying food. She goes out onto the porch and asks God for help with groceries, then says “Praise the Lord”. The next morning she goes out onto the porch and there’s the groceries she’s asked for, of course she says “Praise the Lord”. The atheist jumps out from behind a bush and says, “Ha, I bought those groceries – there is no God”. The lady looks at him and smiles, then shouts “Praise the Lord — not only did you provide for me Lord, you made Satan pay for the groceries!”

Coming Sunday, September 16th

The baptism of Seth Patrick Goad, son of Nick & Lisa, grandson of Tom & Cindy Neuman and Patrick & Cathy Goad AND the baptism of Parker Scott Neuman, son of Scott & Randi, grandson of Tom & Cindy Neuman and Mike & Sue Radovanic. Come welcome these boys into Christ’s family.

Don’t Forget To Order Gift Cards

On the first Sunday of each month, the congregation is offered the opportunity to purchase pre-paid gift cards for those birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions when a gift card is the perfect gift! But don’t forget yourself!

Buy restaurant gift cards so when you happen to be out at dinner time, you’ll have your dinner paid! And what about those weekly groceries you need? Purchase a Walmart or Giant Eagle card and skip the cash! Why do we offer these cards? Not only as a service to our congregation, but because the church receives a sellers fee. These fees are collected and put into our Congregational Christian Welfare Fund and are distributed by the Elders when our members are in need. Many different stores participate in this program, check the list of them out. Pick up a copy of the listing and then place your order with Bessie Neuman.

Group Directory Photos Schedule

We will soon be taking pictures of all our groups and committees for our new church directory. Please have your group at these locations so we can take as many group pictures as possible on the same day. Due to time constraints, there will be no “retakes”.

Elders – Sunday, September 16th 

Bell Choir – Sunday, September 16th after the service with their bells in the back classroom.

Preschool Board – Sunday, September 16th in the social hall

Organists – Sunday, September 16th at the organ after the service

Evangelism – Sunday, September 16th in the social hall after the service

Craft Group – Thursday, September 20th in social hall making crafts

Quilters – (yes, you guys! You did a fantastic job!) Thursday, September 20th after Bible Study in the social hall with one of your quilts

New Member Committee – Sunday, September 23rd before Potluck Lunch in social hall

WOTO Group – Thursday, September 27th in social hall playing cards

Trustees – Sunday, September 30th after the service in social hall

Choir Members & Director – Sunday, September 30th in church after service

Alter Guild – Sunday, September 30th after the service at the altar

Council – Sunday, September 30th after the service in the lounge

Endowment Board – Sunday, September 30th in the social hall after the service

Music Committee – Sunday, September 30th around the piano after the service

Come to the Voters’ Meeting on Sunday, September 23rd!

A potluck lunch is always served prior to our meeting. Please bring a large dish of your favorite food to share.  Fried chicken and beverages will be served with all your favorites!