What Was Good . . . Still Is

A Very Happy Anniversary is wished to:

Greg & Donna Clark          7 years on the 1st

Cassie & Mike French       2 years on the 1st

Tony & Pam Capo             44 years on the 5th

Dave & Lorie Hughes        22 years on the 12th

Craig & Bessie Neuman    45 years on the 20th

Chris & Christine Wickert   1 year on the 22nd

John & Amber Metzler        19 years on the 23rd

Ryan & Marci Szabo            20 years on the 31st

Herb Witt               1st     Sherrin Puffenbarger          3rd

Bill Tome               3rd     Bethany Wilms                   3rd

Marc Heath           4th      Bill Kobelak                        6th

Marci Szabo          6th      Todd Parrish                      9th

Heather Wilms      9th       Chakib Hraga                   12th

Ryan Neuman      12th       Lucy Peterson                 13th

Jim Marhefka       14th       Madelyn McHugh            15th

Bryson Moffat       15th       Debbie Martin                 22nd

David Peterson     24th       Chris Wilms                   26th

Lorie Hughes        30th       Cindy Neuman               31st

Craig Neuman      31st        Oliva Szabo                   31st

Geneva Food Pantry Report   

The Pantry had 11 families come to the Pantry during our “Nite Pantry”. The next “Nite Pantry” will be October 22nd! Call them at 440 466 5505 for details!

The Pantry volunteers were overwhelmed in a good way with a new record of 16,645 pounds of food donated by semi-trucks who had their loads rejected due to damaged boxes. The community continues to help us with monetary and food donations! Thank you!

During September, our volunteers serviced 159 households for a total of 431 people served! We helped 72 seniors, 221 adults, and 138 children thanks to your many donations!  Praise God for sending you to us!

Looking to make a donation to the Pantry?  The Pantry is ALWAYS in need of toilet paper, peanut butter, & pork n beans.  If you see a sale, please think of us!

Remember to keep those B.A.M.! Donations coming. We are able to keep our expenses around $1,000 a month for phone, gas, electric, internet (as required by Cleveland), & rent. Donations to our Brick And Mortar (B.A.M.!) fund are really appreciated so we don’t have to use other donations to pay for these items. If you are in need of a new coupon book to remind you of your commitment to donate $10 per month for a year, please pick one up on the counter in the triangle entrance.

Valerie Leitch, Director

Holy Communion Service Offered on Wednesdays!

Can you believe it’s been a year since we started these 6pm services? What a blessing it is to receive the Lord’s Supper during the week! Pastor & the Elders have created a service of Confession and Communion for St. John’s members who would like to receive this Holy Meal on the Wednesdays when it has not been offered the previous Sunday. The service is for those who know they will be out of town, who were out of town when Communion was offered, or who would like to receive Communion on a weekly basis. Our next Wednesday services will be on October 17th and 31st.

Don’t Forget To Order Gift Cards


On the first Sunday of each month, the congregation is offered the opportunity to purchase pre-paid gift cards for those birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions when a gift card is the perfect gift! But don’t forget yourself!

Buy restaurant gift cards so when you happen to be out at dinner time, you’ll have your dinner paid! And what about those weekly groceries you need? Purchase a Walmart or Giant Eagle card and skip the cash! Why do we offer these cards? Not only as a service to our congregation, but because the church receives a sellers fee. These fees are collected and put into our Congregational Christian Welfare Fund and are distributed by the Elders when our members are in need. Many different stores participate in this program, check the list of them out. Pick up a copy of the listing and then place your order with Bessie Neuman.

Starting in November and December you’ll have the opportunity to order twice a month to get ready for Christmas! Plan to order on Sundays, November 4th & 18th.

St. John’s is collecting blankets

The weather is getting colder and all you want to do is snuggle up with a blanket, right? Many in our community are in need of a blanket, so we’re going to work with the Catholic Charities of Ashtabula County to provide twin, full, queen sized blankets and linens to those in Ashtabula County who need them! This is a community project – let your family & friends know they can bring their donations to the church Monday – Friday from 8:30 to 11:30am or bring to church on Sundays! We’ll be collecting through the month of October and Sunday, November 4th.

Don’t forget to come to the Sunday, October 21st Harvest Party & Trunk n Treat!